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Accounting Competition

A place where you can create ideas, paint your passions into concepts, and realize them into actions. If you are a person who loves new opportunities and realizing your full potential, come to join us!

Aesthetic Design & Documentation

The dynamic hub where creativity meets purpose, this division crafts captivating visuals, preserves the event’s essence and manages the website. As a creative visionary, you’ll design engaging content and capture moments as a visual storyteller while also curating the digital experience on the event website.

Business Case Competition

Brace yourself for an opportunity to develop your critical thinking skills, increase your communication skills, and widen your network. Whatever your majors are, if you have a keen interest in business and are willing to learn, we’ve got a seat for you!

Equipment & Technical Support

Step into the world of event magic, where flawless live-streaming and cutting-edge technology converge. Responsible for crafting seamless live streams and ensuring top-tier technical setups. Join us in unraveling innovation, precision, and the enchantment that powers The 25th Indonesia Accounting Fair!


Step into a world of creativity and excitement at The 25th Indonesia Accounting Fair Event Division! Join us for unique, unforgettable experiences, and let your passion for remarkable events shine.

Information & Registration

Can you envision yourself being at the forefront of the event and establishing strong connections with potential participants from various local and international universities? Take center stage, overseeing the seamless registration process, ensuring an unparalleled experience for all attendees and external parties.

Logistics & Accommodation Support

Our division is the driving force behind seamless logistics and exceptional accommodation support, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Meticulously planning every detail, we orchestrate a symphony of efficiency and comfort.

Liaison Officer

The role of a Liaison Officer at The 25th Indonesia Accounting Fair involves accompanying participants, providing event information, and strengthening the internal team bond. The Liaison Officer bridges information between participants and the event, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Maintaining a good image and fueling the heartbeat of The 25th Indonesia Accounting Fair, the Marketing Division! We are responsible for sharing IAF’s values and information through many brilliant contents. Seeking impactful media partners is also our priority so that we can find and attract the right audience.

Partnership & Corporate Relations

We are enthusiastic matchmakers on a quest to find exciting sponsorships and fresh funds for The 25th IAF! As bridge builders, we revel in nurturing enduring relationships with companies to secure fantastic sponsorships. If you are excited about working with BIG 4 companies, join our fun-filled adventure!

Project & Refreshment

Craft captivating marketing calls to entice in kind sponsorships, as you foster indulgence through providing food and beverages. Leverage your entrepreneurial prowess to orchestrate fundraising campaigns that ignite enthusiasm through thrilling projects. Demonstrate marketing communication to engage stakeholders.

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