A Blessing in Disguise: How Forced Restructuration in the Healthcare Industry Resulted in an Increase in Productivity

Written by: Nadya Amira, Nuri Fitriani

Designed by: Kaila Tabina

COVID-19 has turned most industries upside down and healthcare is no exception. The pandemic has brought many challenges for the world’s expansive healthcare sector, such as facing limited resources, growing operational costs, and rising vacant beds. The pandemic has become a reality check for aspects of the healthcare system, especially regarding their overall readiness to face uncertainty. Therefore, public health care services, which are the lifeline of any country, need to be rejuvenated in order to keep operating effectively and efficiently.

The first one is, adopting digital healthcare solutions. Digital transformation is finding a place in many countries such as IT ticketing, human resources, and enterprise education, and supporting social distancing with a hands-off approach. Also, strong data analytics tools and platforms have big implications for better care to treat this new disease that evolves each minute.

The pandemic also brought a new trend in the healthcare sector. Merger and consolidation are two trends that will continuously grow industry-wide. More healthcare entities will continue to grow together. This new trend is occurring as industry stakeholders believe that consolidation is the way to survive the evolving and challenging healthcare landscape, specifically in these hard times. The impact of this strategy will be narrowing the field of contracting options, which lead to greater dominance in the market.

The quick spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a huge challenge for all industries, especially healthcare as the frontline sector. However, these challenges also come with blessings as healthcare sectors can also increase their productivity by doing some restructuration in their daily operation such as adopting digital healthcare solutions and doing mergers and consolidations to increase domination in the market.


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